Anonymous said: You're post regarding the existence of biological sex... perturbed me, to say the least, given the fact that you only cited intersex people as proof of this. I did some quick research on the subject and I learned that those fitting under the label intersex (not xx or xy, klinefelters, ambiguous genitalia, etc) and I found that such individuals make up around 1%-2% of the human population. As a result I must ask, and please understand this is an honest question, have you ever heard of an outliar?


Hello there.

Yes, I have heard of an outlier. I was fortunate enough to receive a high school education in mathematics, which got me fairly well-acquainted with the concept of outliers, multiplication, basic fractions, and Pythagoras’ bloody Theorem, among other things.

Now, please allow me to ask you a question:

Do you realise what you have just said?

It’s not a trick question, by the way. I am legitimately, apprehensively curious as to whether or not you realise exactly what it is you are suggesting to me. 

Did you know there are approximately seven billion people alive in this world right now? Approximately 7,255,000,000, and counting, in fact. 

And since you’re interested in maths, do you know what 1% of that number is?

It’s 72,550,000.

But that was an easy one. Do you know what 2% of that number is?

Of course you do. It’s 145,100,000. 

And do you realise what you have just said?

Would you like to know some other interesting statistics? I’m sure you would have answered yes, because you are a curious mind. Let’s talk about countries.

Did you know that Japan, Vietnam, Seychelles, Greenland, Germany, Australia, Palestine, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Afghanistan, South Korea, and France each have populations under 145,100,000 as of the most recent records.

Entire countries with fewer than 145,100,000 inhabitants. 

Did you know that, in fact, only nine countries have over 145,100,000 inhabitants? In order, those countries are China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Russia. 

And so I will ask one more time, for emphasis: 

Do you realise what you have just said to me? 

I’m sure you know - being so well-versed in mathematics as you are - what happens to outliers. If nothing else, our dear friend Spiders Georg should have shown you what usually happens to outliers.

They do not get counted. They get ignored. They get deleted. 

What you have just said to me is this:

Approximately 145,100,000 people do not count to you. You do not respect them. You do not acknowledge them. You do not care about them. You see them as numbers. You see them as things, not people. You see them as less than yourself. 

I find that suggestion disturbing and repulsive in ways I can scarcely put into words, and frankly, I feel that same repulsion about you by association. What you have said to me is nothing short of disgusting and inhuman. I am so disappointed in you. 

However, you are quite right about me only citing a specifically intersex-oriented website. To be honest, that was because it was an easily accessible, informative read for people on the topic of physiological variation, to prove my point on there variation in the first place, and my thinking was that if people were curious and wanted to learn more about the fantastic spectrum of human existence, they were clever enough to, say, research it for themselves. To use the Google, as the kids these days call it. Perhaps that was a mistake on my part. Perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed that level of independent learning ability.

Seeing that you mentioned it, I assume you have looked into Klinefelter syndrome and ‘ambiguous genitalia’, and I therefore have absolutely no idea why you’re “perturbed” about this. 

The purpose of that post I made was to show that sexual morphology is not as simple as ‘male’ or ‘female’, and neither is it as simple as ‘penis’ or ‘vagina’. Gender is a spectrum, and so is sexual morphology. 

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, depending on whether or not you’ve actually seen other people’s junk, but almost no-one has the same junk as someone else. There is no factory where the Perfect Standard Junk gets made; there is no perfect standard junk. Even for people who are not considered ‘ambiguous’ or intersex, there is a lot of physical variation in every way you can think of, pretty much. 

And it’s all okay. That’s the point of this. 

People should never be shamed for their bodies. They should not be excluded or discriminated against or harmed or in any way made to feel lesser because their body is a bit different from yours. Like, for goodness’ sake. You shouldn’t need for someone to tell you that. 

And yet, here you are, telling me that 145,100,000 people are outliers.

Well, you know what? As far as I’m concerned, that’s 145,100,000 reasons to care about this. 

So it’s time to change your tune or go far, far, far away, you unbelievable wally. It’s your choice now.

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I am 800% terrible at staying awake, but at least I got to sleep for 9 hours…? *Sobs for today’s pile of work*

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Jed ran into a guy selling tiny little succulents on his way to my apartment yesterday. The teeny tiny one in the front is a year and a half old! CUTE OVERLOAD.


Jed ran into a guy selling tiny little succulents on his way to my apartment yesterday. The teeny tiny one in the front is a year and a half old! CUTE OVERLOAD.

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Did you know that, no matter the evidence, if a jury feels a law is unjust, it is permitted to “nullify” the law rather than finding someone guilty? Basically, jury nullification is a jury’s way of saying, “By the letter of the law, the defendant is guilty, but we also disagree with that law, so we vote to not punish the accused.” Ultimately, the verdict serves as an acquittal.

Haven’t heard of jury nullification? Don’t feel bad; you’re far from alone. If anything, your unfamiliarity is by design. Generally, defense lawyers are not allowed to even mention jury nullification as a possibility during a trial because judges prefer juries to follow the general protocols rather than delivering independent verdicts.

Surprisingly, the Supreme Court has routinely agreed that judges have no obligation to inform juries about jury nullification. Paradoxically, jury nullification is permitted to exist as an option to all juries, yet this option cannot be discussed in most courtrooms.
Jury nullification is undoubtedly feared because of its ability to upset the system. A jury that considers drug laws to be outrageous can nullify. A jury that is aware of the mass inequality in incarceration rates and believes a defendant was targeted via racial profiling can nullify. A jury that believes a harmless defendant is a victim of the prison industrial complex rather than a perpetrator can nullify. This counter-verdict exists so that citizens can right the wrongs inherent in our supposed “justice” system.

Of course, as the New York Times points out, jury nullification hasn’t always been used to “do good.” Historically, racist southern juries have nullified cases involving hate crimes and overly optimistic juries have nullified instances of police brutality, unwilling to fault police officers. However, if you agree that an informed jury can produce the correct verdict, nullification remains a valuable tool in the pursuit of justice.

Jury Nullification: Why Every American Needs to Learn This Taboo Verdict (via jadedhippy)

It should be noted, that just by reading this, you are basically disqualified from ever serving upon a jury.

Most judges and lawyers will ask very specific leading questions during jury selection to determine if you even know about the concept of jury nullification and then give you the boot if you do. And if you lie about knowing about it, well now you’ve perjured yourself which is a federal felony.

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"If you buy your girlfriend flowers, they will wilt. If you but your girlfriend a phone, it will break. Buy your girlfriend a wrench. Nothing will happen to a wrench."

this is painfully russian



"If you buy your girlfriend flowers, they will wilt. If you but your girlfriend a phone, it will break. Buy your girlfriend a wrench. Nothing will happen to a wrench."

this is painfully russian

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Kitty fart

Vine by Cersei

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A white civilian plowed his car through a group of peaceful protestors. When police responded they arrested a victim of the assault and not immediately the assaulter. Eventually the assaulter was arrested, but so were two other protestors. It took over 2 hours for the young boy to be transported to the hospital.

Wheres the justice?


Thy were arresting protesters left and right today. For taking pictures, even for just standing on the corner.

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Movies directed by Mamoru Hosoda

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an au in which everything is the same except characters switch hairstyles. Some things should probably never exist…..

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How Beauty Procedures Looked In The 1930s-40s [x]


these look like terrifying death traps.

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Check, Please! #23 - Dibs

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photos by heelerandthehound

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Synchronized waking up


Synchronized waking up

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